MyOnlinePage is an adult oriented social network. If you are offended by nudity, please don't join. 

Fake accounts will be deleted.



1. Harassing another member will result in account termination and IP ban.

2. MyOnlinePage and its affiliated sites are all privately owned.  All accounts are therefore deemed as a privledge and not as a granted right.

3.  Members should be concerned with their own account only. If you do not get along with another member, it has always been the policy to either, ignore, unfriend,  or block that person.

4. If you are being harassed by another  member, report them to a staff member (Sammi Culver, Bret Summers, or Kira Richards)

5. Staff members can and will remove any accounts they deem as having a negative impact on the site or if a member is actively being disruptive.

6. "Registered Members" are NOT staff members, therefore is is not their duty or responsibilty to police the site.  Those who post others info, pics, etc without their  permission will be removed from the site.

7. Those that cannot get along with others or follow these simple policies, please send a msg to Admin or a staff member and simply request an account termination.